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Leadership is and has been a hot topic over the last half a century, and many thought leadership professionals from both practitioner and academic spheres are looking at management and leadership as different topics.

The recurring theme seems to be the fact that “leaders lead people and managers manage tasks”.

One other point recurring is that in order to be someone whom people will follow, and genuinely will engage with, they will need to trust you. At the same time, capability to improve processes, get things done: fast, on budget, and at a high level of quality are required skills to keep up with the demands of the fast-paced market place and to ensure a successful business.

What is more important then?

The fact of business is that, being in charge of an organisation, department, team, unit, and project it is helpful to be able to be both.


At the core are the people. The rest: systems, organisational structures, processes are meant to support your people, and in turn your people to support the end customer/ client.

Helping your team grow and learn, creating an organisation where they feel that they belong there, and becoming aware simultaneously of what is important to each of them as well as yourself and the business overall is a solid foundation.

What is your best way of learning?

With a traditional training approach, studies are highlighting the retaining rate of learning to be around 10%. Coupling that by coaching this shoots up as high as 88%.

That happens because after a traditional training session, life and business “go back to normal” and all learning gradually fades; no repetition, implementation, reflection, trial and error or trial and success of the new concepts, ways of doing things or behaviours.

Neuroscientists have demonstrated clearly that our brain has the capability of creating new pathways/ synapsis/ connections through new learning, a phenomenon called neuroplasticity. However, for that to take place, a continuous repetition needs to take place.

It is similar to training for a long run, like a marathon.

I believe that one size does not fit all, and that “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” Henry Ford (1863-1947), American founder of the Ford Motor Company.

My experience as a coach has proven, that the attempt of moving outside of our comfort zone, becomes a more achievable and easier journey with support. 

Whether you work on that through your current relationships, systems and resources; or look at engaging external support- like myself; know that it is possible to solve any puzzle you might have, and clear the path to success for yourself, your team and your organisation.

What is the improvement that, if you were to make it over the next year, your value as a leader will improve exponentially? 

Frequently selected areas for leadership growth are:


  • Becoming a better listener
  • Making better decisions/ or making decisions better
  • Becoming more assertive- speaking up in an engaging and concise way/ standing up for your own beliefs
  • Managing conflicts
  • Becoming more influential

Developing organisational culture and developing leaders of tomorrow:

  • Managing diversity
  • Build cross-functional relationships
  • Cross cultural management/ leadership
  • Stand up to people undermining teamwork
  • Collaborate better with others
  • Building trust with stakeholders
  • Executive presence
  • Self-confidence
  • Driving team/ culture change
  • Coaching and mentoring

Managing Performance:

  • Delegate effectively
  • Empower direct reports
  • Execution for results
  • Strategic thinking
  • Becoming more entrepreneurial
  • Take calculated risks
  • Hold others accountable for results
  • Deal timely with performance problems
  • Provide insights (feedback/ feedforward) to direct reports in a constructive manner

If any of the above is something you’d like to work on (or others similar) , then I can help you, just contact me by clicking here and book a Free Strategy Session.

Wishing you great success,


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