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Career Development Workshop

What will be the benefits for you as an attendant?

  • You will gain clarity on what works for you, what helps you to be the most effective and efficient you can be, and how to achieve that
  • You will start looking at the next steps in your career through the lens of intention and meaning; by understanding the sweet spot at the intersection of company, team and individual values and vision and you will be able to create a roadmap to align them.
  • You will learn how to minimise conflicts at work, and  how to speak up when needed, in a compelling way
  • Change doesn’t need to be hard. You will learn how to work through changes and make them stick
  • All improvements and successes will have a ripple effect on your immediate circle, at work and in life in general

When you attend it, you’ll find out that:

It is built as a journey, and an experience. It is meant to deliver what it says on the tin, with your help, commitment and determination. I’m just your guide!

Time comes in short supply when we think of it as such: time. I invite you to allow yourself the luxury of an adventure.

An adventure where:

  • You discover surprising insights about yourself
  • You learn that it is not time what you’ll need to manage going forward, but your energy
  • You understand that whatever you can control, YOU CAN
  • Your success journey starts really here, and now:
    • You assess where you’d like this adventure to take you
    • You’ll create a roadmap to get there
    • You might need to adjust that roadmap from time to time, maybe more often than you think, and you’re cool about it. And start creating a support system to keep you going and on track
    • You get to enjoy the scenery
    • You keep adding “points of interest” as you go along and you might even invent some, for others to aim to!

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    There are 7 steps, each crafted as a stepping stone into the journey:

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If all this sounds great to you, then contact me by clicking here and book a Free Strategy Session.
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