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I am an enabler of positive change, and I am committed to your professional growth!

We all go through various changes in our professional life, and tend to get stuck at various stages. Working together you will accelerate that journey and minimise the time spent on “stuck” mode.

See if any of the following scenarios seem like what you experience, and if yes, please get in touch, your future self will be grateful to you that you’ve done it!

  • You have great professional growth dreams, but stuck for a while without real progress
  • You are dreading Monday mornings
  • You feel disengaged with your work- it’s just there to pay the bills
  • You are successful by all external standards, but something is missing and you’re not sure what
  • You think you have all it takes to be promoted to your next dream role, but for some reason it’s been a while since you’ve been waiting
  • You keep making plans, but for some reason they keep falling out of your radar
  • You want to be more assertive at work- speaking up when matters
  • You want to be more confident in your abilities- at the end of the day you are really great at what you do
  • You know you can be more productive, and for some reason, every day seems to end with you telling yourself: “Oh, again, so much to do and so little time”
  • You want to find that “holy grail” formula in today’s living: juggling all your responsibilities (family, work life, relationships, etc) and feeling great and full of energy every day, but did not manage that yet
  • You got promoted/ a new role and want to make a great start- I support you in your new role for the first 3 months

How can I help you?

I am a great believer that we all are “the masters of our fate, and the captains of our souls” (Invictus- Poem by William Ernest Henley). Sometimes it just doesn’t feel that way, and my objective is to help you achieve that for yourself.

I work with professionals who want support in their Career at those stages:

  • They are considering themselves successful by all external standards, and right now, things don’t go too well anymore where they are, or things go really well and something feels amiss. If that’s you, I help you gain clarity on what’s next and create a series of actions to move forward more energised and with intention: see the Pre-transition Coaching offers.
  • They are moving into a new role and need support over the first 3 months, in order to hit the ground running and achieve success faster.

Have a look at this free toolkit to assess what is really going on, where you are, where would you want to be, and more exploration points. Please take it seriously, it does will open up a whole new world for you.

Change is hard and messy, it’s only natural, once you get clarity on what’s really important to you, and you decide to invest commitment and discipline to move through; with support along the way, you will move forward in leaps and bounds.

  • And/ Or Book a 1 hr free phone/ Skype Free Strategy Session with me here

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We can work to push our limits and reach for a better us each and every single day, to innovate and create an even better tomorrow, and make the changes work and stick.

Not all effort is created equal though, and if you’ve tried and it seems to go round in circles, then you might need some support along the way. With professional support, you’ll get there faster!


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Wishing you great success,


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