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Meet Me

I am an accredited Corporate and Executive Coach, and a Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centred Coach and Associate, with 20+ years experience in product, project and operations management in the corporate world, coaching and consultancy, in various industries, and 2 countries. I also have a degree in Nuclear Chemistry.

Throughout my career I have been intrigued, fascinated and interested in understanding change.

How do we internalise it, how we deal with it, what attributes of a change make it easier to accept and work with it. I had and still have a strong belief that if you want to achieve anything, you work hard at it, persevere, listen, observe, learn, trial, adjust your sails and start again.

What puzzles me still when it comes to this subject, is that in organisations, over the last 3-4 decades, around 60%-70% of changes are considered as being unsuccessful. Several studies over the years have highlighted pretty much the same figures. Unbelievable when you think closely.

What makes it so?

The answer is not cut and dry, and suggestions given revolve around people. Experience highlights that at the core of successful changes are well crafted and executed people strategies. How do people deal with change when it happens, how they internalise it, it is really individual and context dependant.

I love working with people and wanted to couple my corporate hands on experience with a deeper understanding of why is change so hard for some; what really makes us tick, what makes us successful, what is the recipe of great performance,what is great leadership and how can we build workplaces where more of those traits are displayed.

Workplaces where people are really engaged with what they do, their team, organisation and lead great experiences for clients/ customers. An all round healthy environment which benefits everyone, today, tomorrow and in the distant future.

And so I made the decision to re-adjust my sails and undertook the adventure of becoming a Corporate and Executive Coach. I have learnt a lot, helped successfully many people along the way, and hope to keep helping more people, to make sense of how can they achieve success with, and through their teams, in this ever changing world at work.

Can I help you too?

I have a structured process (the 5A process to positive change; and many other frameworks, built for specific work related topics around people and change). 

For Leadership Behaviours Change, with guaranteed measurable growth, I work with Marshall Goldsmith’s proven framework- click here for details, including the 360 Global Leader of the Future Assessment- click here for details.

I offer an 1 hour consultation free of charge where we get to know each other, I understand what is that you need support with, and more about your business. You will understand how I work, how the process works, and we discuss what your challenges and expectations are.

Please contact me by clicking here and book a Free Strategy Session.

Wishing you great success,


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